Come Again?


Over the past year, my friends and I have met some of the most interesting people. Some have the best stories to tell while others made us go, ‘I’m sorry, excuse me?’

Here are some of my favorites that I just had to share.

– About a month or two ago, my friends and I went out after a busy week to catch up with one another. We got caught up and then some. The place we went to had an outside area with a fire pit, which was great on this cool night. We started talking with this one guy outside that had come to the bar alone. He was newly back-on-the-market after an 8 year relationship. He told us that it had ended badly and all he wanted from the break up was the dog that they shared but unfortunately, it went to his ex. We learned a lot about this man who was a history buff and a budding businessmen. He was quite the talker and we were interested in hearing what he had to say. He was quite funny but not in the cracking jokes kind of way but he seemed to be a bit socially awkward. He might have lost his dog from the break up but he gained some awkward behavior. He was pretty open about his life and we enjoyed asking him questions. But perhaps he was a little too open.  The conversation turned to his personal life and we ladies aren’t ones to pry and ask evasive questions. We were really just curious at how he’s been handling the single life after 8 years with his now ex-ladyfriend. Apparently it was taking a toll. My one friend wanted to ask him how long it’s been since he went on a date since his break up. ‘How long has it been since you,’ she started saying when he quickly answered, cutting her off, ‘Since I’ve had sex? 8 months.’ Whaaaaa, that was not what we were getting too! And he was so nonchalant and quick to say that! After we looked at each other and let out a laugh telling him that is not what we were going to say, he goes, ‘So there’s been a lot of cold showers.’

– My friends and I wanted to try going out on a Thursday to see how busy this particular bar was on this particular night. Turns out, Thursday’s had a good crowd. Friendly people, great atmosphere and once again, another man that wasn’t afraid to speak the truth. Shortly after arriving at the bar we met two hard working fellas. One was a producer while the other was a retired Houston Rockets basketball player. They were working on a story about the retired Houston Rockets player that they were trying to pitch to HBO. They brought a small entourage with them as well; two older gentlemen that talked together all night and a younger one that sat at the bar while watching Duke and Villanova battle it out during the NCAA tournament. All three were lawyers. Throughout the night, we only talked to the producer and the retired basketball player. They were interesting guys as well and had some great stories to tell but it ended up being the younger lawyer that left us with the most memorable impression of the night. It was nearing last call and so we began our ‘It was nice meeting you’ and ‘Have a great night’ sentiments. While waiting for our one friend to finish her goodbyes, my other friend and I were still sitting at the bar when the younger lawyer decides to chat. Asking us simple things about us like, ‘Where are you guys from?’  ‘Where from (so and so),’ I say. And then came the great line that shows exactly what a man wants, ‘What are you guys doing after this?’ ‘I’m going to be sleeping in my bed,’ I said. ‘You don’t want to come over?’, he asked. ‘Where do you live?’, I inquired. ‘Up the street. Right behind Shoprite.’

Wow, nothing like a man living behind a grocery store to turn a girl on.

– This particular moment actually happened just last night prompting the idea to write about this topic. About 20 minutes before the bar was about to shut down my friends and I met 3 guys chilling out after having just gone to the Phillies game. Two of them were brothers while the other was a close friend. The close friend was really drunk after just seeing his glazed over eyes and running into him in the ladies room. I guess the men’s was full? As we were heading out, the older brother who perhaps was pretty drunk but seemed pretty coherent asks my friend and I, ‘What are you guys doing after this? What to come over and do cocaine?’ A man so forward. If only they were all like this. ‘No thanks.’ I replied. ‘Have you guys ever done it?’ He asks. ‘No. How long have you been doing it?’ I asked. ‘A few months. Are you sure you don’t want to come over?’ he asks again.  ‘No because then there’s more for you!’ I state ending the conversation. How sweet. He was willing to share his drugs with me.

– My favorite moment thus far happened at the end of September. I went out for one of my best friend’s birthday and it was during an extremely rainy time. We had just had some really awful weather that had knocked down a lot of power lines and left days to be pretty miserable. Rain or not, there was no way we weren’t going to celebrate that night. We went to a chain restaurant/bar and had a couple of drinks. The birthday girl of course went all out and welcomed her new age sloppily happy. Just as we were about to leave, a group of 5 men say around 35 years old just arrived at the bar. They then asked us if we wanted to have drinks with them outside. To please the birthday girl’s wishes, we follow her outside where the guys ask to buy us drinks. Turns out, the guys are all PSE&G workers on-call for the night. Due to the severe weather we had been having, they had been working very long hours the past week. I ended up talking to a very nice man that told me stories and showed me pictures of his two kids. The birthday girl was also having stimulating conversations and being shown by one of the guys how to knot a cherry stem with just your tongue. He proved quite the master. She later took his knotted cherry stem and stuck it in her purse. Strange souvenir of the night but hey, it’s her party she can have the cherry stem if she wants to. The guys were all really sweet and pretty amusing but it was getting pretty late and both parties had to start heading out. But not without being asked, ‘Do you guys want to hang out in our bucket truck?’

Come again?


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