Hello, my name is Homewrecker. And you are?


Five years ago I met a dude at a party. He was just a regular guy and we held a pretty decent conversation but in the end it was nothing special, so when I went home, I did so with no butterflies fluttering in my stomach or tingles jingling in my loins. I got on with my life as usual: working my days away to save money for my stint abroad.

A couple weeks later he tracked me down on MySpace (remember MySpace?) and messaged me. We had a short-lived conversation, which consisted of him requesting repeatedly when we could hang out, with some flattery and compliments tossed in for good measure while I repeatedly replied that there was no way that we could hang out since there was AN ENTIRE OCEAN separating us and I was too busy getting my mack on with supersexy Irish guys. After a while I stopped responding and that was the end to our “relationship.”

I met a friend at a pub a couple weeks ago and told him the story and it turns out:



3) and my friend wants copies of the conversation so that he can confront the guy (since the guy is his cousin, it’s how we met)  And then what happens?

They get divorced? The kids only see their father every other weekend? I get a Scarlet A tattooed to my chest?


My boyfriend says that ignorance is bliss, considering the truth would hurt more than the lie. But if my boyfriend was trying to weasel his way into another girls pantaloons, I’d sure as hell want to know!

What’s a girl to do?


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  1. I would show him. there may not be other women who have the opportunity to know what kind of scum he is.with you’re help, hopefully he won’t have the chance to do it again. how ridiculous of him to do that especially since his cousin hooked yall up!

  2. Part of me wants to show him, but then again, people make mistakes and do stupid things but you’re right, what if he did it to other girls too? I hate scumbags.

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